Shazam Contest Winners: Help Bill Choose The Airborne Toxic Event’s Setlist

Mikel Jollett of The Airborne Toxic Event, Bumbershoot 2015. Photo by Creative Copper Images.
Mikel Jollett of The Airborne Toxic Event, Bumbershoot 2015. Photo by Creative Copper Images.

When The Airborne Toxic Event announced a contest in which Philadelphia-area fans were encouraged to Shazam “One Time Thing” as many times as possible and send them the photographic evidence, it’s likely they had no idea what mayhem they had just unleashed.

With twenty 4-packs of tickets to a private show on the line, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handpick the setlist dangled like a solid gold-dipped carrot, a feeding frenzy ensued. We have reports of some fans having e-mailed upwards of 12,000 screenshots in a desperate attempt to win. Little wonder, then, that the band’s e-mail crashed, resulting in thousands of undeliverable e-mails, and more than a few anxious TATE fans hoping that utterly neglecting their lives over the past few weeks had not been in vain.

On Tuesday, The Airborne Toxic Event announced that William Barrish had scored the coveted first prize. This morning, the e-mails went out to those who finished 2-20, confirming their invitations to the big show.

Many of us have been daydreaming about the setlist we would craft, given the opportunity. As it turns out, the actual winner of the contest had a much more noble plan up his sleeve.

On the night he got the news, Bill Barrish sent us an e-mail:

As I was thinking about the setlist possibilities if I actually won, many different songs and versions of the set list crossed my mind. I certainly have many personal favorites that are rarely played, and many of the “often played songs” would certainly be fun to hear as well.

What I ultimately decided to do if I actually won, was to open it up to all 20 of the winners. We all put in A LOT of time and effort, so that we might be part of the experience.

I have found that there is a devoted TATE community, and the live shows are truly an awesome experience. I think that if each winner has a role in picking the set list, that would be an ideal scenario for an intimate concert setting such as this.

What I hope to do is to reach out to all the winners, and let each person submit a personal favorite. I will then submit the 20 song “wish list” to the band, and let them pick and choose as they see fit. I’m sure any version of the songs we pick (or songs the band picks) would be memorable.

We’re sure you will agree – what an amazingly generous gesture for Bill to share his prize with all of the other winners! It will make for a very special night for everyone in attendance.

Bill asked for our help in getting out the word on this, which we were more than happy to do. Here’s how this is going to work:

If you are one of the 20 contest winners who was awarded tickets to the private show, please forward a copy of your prize confirmation e-mail along with your song choice to Please include a brief explanation as to why you chose your song. We will forward your selection to Bill, and he will assemble the list and submit it to the band. (Note: Bill plans to choose some version of a “Missy” medley, so don’t pick that. Also, please be aware that the set will be 45 minutes long, so the band will not be able to play all the requested songs; Bill will ask them to choose from the list he provides.)

The timeline is tight; Bill must submit his list by 4 pm ET today. So, please respond ASAP.

In the coming days we will post the list, along with everyone’s reasoning behind the songs they chose. And watch for a review from Bill following the show.

Congratulations to everyone who gets to be part of this experience, and thank you to Bill for making it extra memorable!

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