This Is Nowhere's Staff Writers (from left): Julie Stoller, Glen Hoos, Jamie Eversole
This Is Nowhere’s Staff Writers (from left): Julie Stoller, Glen Hoos, Jamie Eversole

This is Nowhere is a crowdsourced fan blog of The Airborne Toxic Event. What do we mean by crowdsourced? It means that we welcome contributions from anyone and everyone in the TATE fan community. Yeah, that means you!

What are we looking for? We’ve broken things down into a number of categories:

A Little Less Profound: Mikel has said, “The most important thing that happens in music is what happens between the ears of somebody hearing a song; it’s what happens in their own mind.” We are looking for personal reflections on what The Airborne Toxic Event and their art means to you. This includes reflections on the meaning or significance of songs and lyrics, and stories of personal experiences that relate in some way to the band and their work. The band does not necessarily need to be the primary focus of your post, but there does need to be some kind of connection. For example, you can share about a personal experience that brought an Airborne lyric to life in a new way for you.

Clamoring of the Crowd: This is all about the live Airborne experience: show reviews, road trip stories, etc.

Toxicity: A semi-regular round-up of TATE news, views and videos from around the internet. Toxicity will be published weekly during periods when the band is highly active, and less frequently when things are quiet. Feel free to send us your links to share!

5’s: Celebrate your favorite quintet with a Top 5 TATE list: your top 5 TATE songs (live or studio), top 5 TATE YouTube videos, top 5 Mikel lyrics, top 5 TATE riffs, top 5 venues to see the band at, etc. Be sure to include an explanation for each item on your list!

Setlists: Just what it says. We want to build an archive of Airborne setlists through the years.

Have something to contribute? E-mail it to, and once it is approved, we will post it for you.

This Is Nowhere reserves the right to determine whether or not your submission is suitable for posting. Keep in mind that as a fan site, we want to maintain a positive tone. All submissions must respect the personal privacy of the band members; the focus should be on their work, not their personal lives. Images and videos can be included with your submission as long as you own the rights to the material, or have written permission from the rights holder.

Comment Policy: We welcome all opinions, but will seek to foster a climate of respect. Don’t be an ass. That about covers it.

8 Comments on Crowdsourcing

  1. Hi Glen,
    Two things.
    First to say what a great website you have; a credit to you and the result of a lot of energy & time put into it. Very informative and above all entertaining. The official one is very static, at present, whereas your site is simply dynamic.

    Secondly, I tried in vain to remove my two failed and embarrassing attempts at humour on your poem page, titled if TATE wrote a Christmas song. Too much wine, I guess, but I did not think it funny in the cold light of day and might even upset some people.
    Maybe you can remove those 2 posts. It is important to keep up the very high standard you have kept on this site. So, apologies.

    A bit early but a third third, just to wish you and yours a great Christmas & above all a healthy new year.

  2. Hello everybody! Big fan, for years now. Been to so many shows that I’m sure I’ve seen many faces of yours around. I was in a bit of a pickle, that I actually am embarrassed about; I did not know this song “Parson Red Heads” even existed. I heard it, I wept for a bit because I’ve been missing this in my life! But, I can’t seem to find any MP3 copy of the song around? Is there anyway I can find this download or maybe buy All at Once with this song on it? Idk if it was a UK special bonus track but I need this song in my life! Please help a fellow music lover! Cheers; thanks!

  3. Howdy everyone! I’ve been a fan for a couple years now, growing more and more in my love for this amazing band. I recently just got to see them live for the first time ever at Music Midtown in Atlanta and it was such an amazing experience! They signed my Umbrella shirt and Dope Machines Vinyl, I actually got to speak to them for a very brief period of time! I recall Mikel saying that they’ve read all the emails and letters written to them, how much they love them, I realized that I really, really, really wanted to write them, to personally thank them for such a great show and for being such a huge part of my life for years…

    Basically, what address do I send my letter to? What email address would I use to send them an email? Thanks!

  4. What a great site for a great band. 1 of the songs that came to life for me was “All at once”. It opens the CD with that guitar riff that just pulls you into the whole cd. But once I read the lyrics, I was struck dumb. You see in August of 2011 I became a father for the first time. Step dad to 3 beautiful girls, but when it is your own flesh and blood there is something more. And the song starts off with the words….we come into this world to a…., well you know the lyrics. I have bought every CD I can get my hands on. Always buying blind and knowing that any CD from this band is going to be awesome. Thank you again for your great and hard work on this site. And you can still finding me waiting for any news from the band that they are ready to rock this world. I will be here waiting.

  5. hi glen, just finish reading the book. loved it, fun to see things from the inside of the mind of mikel and the rest of the band.would of like to hear more from the other member.if someday you’re out east(Montreal) i’d gladly pay you a beer or 2 and we can talk of our love of TATE.thanks

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