The Airborne Toxic Event’s 6th Record: What We Know

Album 6

The Airborne Toxic Event are currently working on their sixth album. Here’s what we know about it. This page will be updated as new information becomes available leading up to the release of the record. If you’ve got a scoop, hit us up.

Possible Songs

Hollywood Park (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
Brother How Was the War (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
Carry Me (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
Come On Out (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
All the Children (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
The Common Touch (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
True (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
1963 (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 23, 2017)
Are There Any Secrets Left? (debuted at El Rey Residency, Mar. 30, 2017)
America (stand-alone release for U.S. election, Oct. 2016)


At the El Rey Residency, Mikel Jollett said that the four shows were part of the record-making process: a chance to crowd-test new songs that are still works in progress. He has been writing for a year-and-a-half, and the band has been working on the songs for six months. He also suggested that a proper tour could happen in late 2017 or 2018; presumably, this would coincide with the album release.

After the first El Rey show, Steven Chen said they hope to begin recording as soon as possible. They are still finalizing the producer, and the producer they hope to work with was at the show.

In a tweet dated Dec. 1, 2017, Mikel confirmed a new album and tour for 2018.


The record will center around Mikel’s father, who passed away in 2015 and who he called his best friend, giving the new material a very personal flavor.

“Brother How Was the War” is about a letter his father wrote from Chino prison in 1965, to his brother (Mikel’s uncle), who was fighting in Vietnam.

“Come On Out” has an 80’s new wave feel, and is about “running away from home when you’re 10 and getting your ass kicked when you come back.”

“The Common Touch” is about Mikel’s uncle Mark.

Based on the performances of the El Rey residency, it appears this record will mark Airborne’s return to more traditional instrumentation after 2015’s electronic experiment, Dope Machines. Stylistically, the new songs cover a lot of territory, including rock, folk, power ballad and even a bit of new wave. On stage, an upright piano featured prominently in several songs.