Toxicity 110

July 14, 2017 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen Shortly after our previous post marveling at Mikel Jollett’s prolific Twitter career, The Airborne Toxic Event front man abruptly pulled the plug with this surprising announcement: Gonna be away from this account for [read more…]

Toxicity 109

June 16, 2017 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen It seems as though every edition of Toxicity now begins with an acknowledgment that it’s been way too long since the last one. What can I say? Since The Airborne Toxic Event’s early [read more…]

Toxicity 105

February 17, 2017 thisisnowhere 1

By Glen We’re less than five weeks out from The Airborne Toxic Event’s return at the El Rey Theater, where they’ll lift the curtain on the new tunes that will no doubt dominate our playlists [read more…]

Toxicity 103

December 2, 2016 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen After all the excitement generated by The Airborne Toxic Event’s announcement of live shows and new music for 2017, along with the release of their election anthem “America,” things have settled back down. [read more…]

Toxicity 102

November 4, 2016 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen In this week’s Toxicity, we catch up on what may seem like old news. The Airborne Toxic Event burst back onto the scene in the last week of October, which unfortunately coincided with [read more…]

Toxicity 99

August 18, 2016 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen Last week, The Airborne Toxic Event excited fans with their long-awaited return to social media. Their post, a familiar quote from DeLillo’s White Noise, was high on symbolism and short on concrete information [read more…]

Toxicity 97

July 22, 2016 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen These are truly the dog days of summer for fans of The Airborne Toxic Event. We’re coming up on eight months since the band was last seen or heard from, and the specter [read more…]

5 Ways to Be a Man

March 22, 2016 thisisnowhere 5

By Glen Through five records from The Airborne Toxic Event, there are themes that have clearly captivated Mikel Jollett: threads of thought that stalk his work like spirits, weaving their way through the shadows of [read more…]

The Thing About Dreams

February 23, 2016 thisisnowhere 0

By Glen I am a dreamer.  Not so much in the daytime, where infinite possibility is so often drowned out by cold, hard reality, and fantastical notions of what-could-be are subsumed by the mundanities of [read more…]

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