The Airborne Toxic Event: Lyrics

The Airborne Toxic Event, Songs of God and WhiskeySongs of God and Whiskey (2015) unofficial lyrics

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Poor Isaac
Cocaine and Abel
A Certain Type of Girl
Change and Change and Change and Change
April is the Cruelest Month
The Lines of the Cars
Why Why Why
The Fall of Rome

The Airborne Toxic Event, Dope MachinesDope Machines (2015)

One Time Thing
Dope Machines
Time to be a Man
Hell and Back
My Childish Bride
The Thing About Dreams
Something You Lost

The Airborne Toxic Event, Such Hot BloodSuch Hot Blood (2013)

The Secret
What’s in a Name?
The Storm
Bride & Groom
True Love
This is London
The Fifth Day

Bonus Tracks:

The Way Home

The Airborne Toxic Event, All At OnceAll At Once (2011)

All At Once
All for a Woman
It Doesn’t Mean a Thing
The Kids Are Ready to Die
Welcome to Your Wedding Day
Half of Something Else
Strange Girl
All I Ever Wanted
The Graveyard Near the House

Bonus Tracks:

Parson Redheads
Tokyo Radio

The Airborne Toxic Event - All I Ever WantedAll I Ever Wanted (2010)

A Letter to Georgia
The Book of Love (cover)
Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio? (cover)
All I Ever Wanted (live version)
Goodbye Horses (cover)
Innocence (live version)

The Airborne Toxic Event debut recordThe Airborne Toxic Event (2008)

Wishing Well
Happiness is Overrated
Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
This is Nowhere
Sometime Around Midnight
Something New

Bonus Tracks:

The Winning Side
This Losing
The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

Singles, Covers, Rarities and Unreleased

Boots of Spanish Leather
Days of Wine and Poses
Echo Park
Half of Something Else (Going the Distance acoustic version)
I Don’t Want to be on TV
No More Lonely Nights (cover)
Pursuit of Happiness (cover)
Wishing Song (cover)

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